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Bruxism Treatment at Hudson Valley Dental Arts

woman holding jaw in painBruxism (also known as the clenching and grinding of teeth) is a common condition, especially among adults who experience a lot of daily stress in their lives. Left untreated, these patients may experience unpleasant symptoms like dental wear and tear, sore jaw muscles, painful headaches, and even the development of TMJ disorder. Thankfully, Dr. Larry Hamburg can provide much-needed relief with personalized treatment here in Poughkeepsie, NY. Patients from Lagrangeville, NY and surrounding areas are encouraged to contact us today and schedule an appointment!

Do I have bruxism?

There are many factors that can influence whether bruxism develops over time in patients. They include:

Bruxism typically occurs at night when a patient is resting and unable to personally stop the “bad habit.” That’s why attending regular check-ups with a seasoned professional like Dr. Hamburg is so important. He can identify tell-tale signs of bruxism and recommend treatment to protect your smile and improve your overall wellbeing.

Treatment Options

The most common type of treatment for bruxism is the use of a custom oral appliance, also known as a “nightguard.” This device is custom-designed for your unique mouth and will provide strong barriers that minimize the harmful effects of grinding, keeping teeth safe and helping patients sleep easier. Many patients find that their problems are completely eliminated with the routine use of a nightguard – alternatively, additional therapies may be needed, such as stress management/counseling, massage, more rest, a diet composed of softer foods, facial relaxation/exercises, and more. Our team will do whatever we can to help and guide you towards the ideal solution, and we can also provide restorative care as needed to correct damage.

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