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Your Cigna Dental Insurance Dentist

Cigna dentist in Poughkeepsie provides affordable care. Are you and your family covered under Cigna PPO dental insurance? At Hudson Valley Dental Arts, we want to make dental care as affordable as possible for everyone. That’s why we are happy to be your Cigna dentist in Poughkeepsie. Keep reading to learn how dental insurance works, and how to make the most out of your plan at our office. Then schedule an appointment to cash in on your Cigna PPO benefits today!

How Dental Insurance Works: 3 Simple Steps

Your dental insurance plan doesn’t work quite the same way as your medical coverage does. Rather than covering you in the event of a major life altering event, like cancer or a car accident, the aim of dental insurance is to prevent those costly issues from happening at all. It does that by making your preventive dental care highly affordable (i.e. usually free).

Take these three easy steps to use your Cigna PPO dental insurance.

  1. Visit your in-network dentist in Poughkeepsie. Dr. Hamburg’s practice has come to an agreement with Cigna to provide care at a certain (discounted) rate to you.
  2. Visit Hudson Valley Dental Arts for routine preventive care and any other service you may need.
  3. Pay any amount you owe out-of-pocket at the time you receive services.

And that’s all! At Hudson Valley Dental Arts, we are experts when it comes to your dental insurance plan. We make it easy to benefit from your investment by filing and following up on all claims. We will get paid the full amount on the back end -- you just enjoy your affordable dental care.

Make the Most Out of Your Investment!

Sometimes, people let their valuable dental insurance benefits slip away because they are unsure how to make the most out of their investment. Don’t let that happen to you! We can help you make the most out of your dental insurance plan.

First, schedule (and attend) two checkups and cleanings annually at Hudson Valley Dental Arts. These visits are completely covered, so there is no good reason to skip out on them. When we can see your smile regularly, we are more likely to catch issues right when they develop to provide the most conservative care possible. Your dental insurance plan may also cover additional preventive services, like dental sealants or topical fluoride treatments.

We can talk about the specifics of your Cigna dental insurance when you file your insurance information with our office. During the years that you meet your deductible, you will want to make sure you also get close to your annual maximum. That’s a great time to talk about getting a crown replaced, or investing in a mouthguard to protect your teeth from nighttime teeth grinding.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Do you have a Cigna dental insurance plan? If so, we want to help you make the most out of it. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment at Hudson Valley Dental Arts today. We can’t wait to help you really smile!