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Dental Bridge and Dental Crown in Poughkeepsie

Dental crowns and dental bridges are common methods for restoring and replacing teeth. These treatments are the area of dentistry Dr. Hamburg has emphasized most in his continuing education, and restoring smiles with crowns and bridges constitutes the bulk of the Hudson Valley Dental Arts practice. When do you need a crown? And what’s the difference between a crown and a bridge? Keep reading to learn more about restorative dentistry with the dental crown in Poughkeepsie.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown becomes necessary when a tooth has lost too much structure for a filling or when a laminate is simply not enough to completely restore the tooth. Also known as a cap, the crown is a restoration that covers a decayed or damaged tooth to restore its normal shape and size while also strengthening and improving its appearance.

Your Poughkeepsie dentist’s goal is to create crowns that look just like (or even better than!) your natural teeth. To achieve the best look for you, we consider the color, bite, shape, and length of your teeth, as well as your overall facial appearance. If you have something in particular in mind for your crown, we can discuss your smile goals so that when the procedure is complete, your newly-restored smile will be strong, attractive, and just what you have in mind.

What Is a Poughkeepsie Dental Bridge?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth and dental implants are not an option, individual crowns can support the placement of a prosthetic known as a bridge. The dental bridge is composed of one or more prosthetic teeth which are secured in the smile by dental crowns. These sturdy crowns are affixed to the two “abutment” teeth that surround the gap. The abutments act as anchors to keep the bridge sturdy, restoring a patient’s ability to chew, talk, and smile with true confidence. Fixed dental bridges also prevent the teeth surrounding the gap from drifting out of place. They are cemented into the smile and cannot be removed except by your dentist.

Cosmetic Imaging Shows You What’s Possible

It is sometimes difficult for patients to imagine what their smile will look like after we finish any proposed restorative or cosmetic procedure. For that reason, our Poughkeepsie dental practice is happy to offer cosmetic imaging and/or diagnostic wax-ups, a method in which we use special software or partner with a lab to show you what we have in mind before we even begin your treatment. Using the proper technique and high-quality materials mixed with a little artistry, a dental crown or bridge will look and feel very natural -- like your smile, but better!

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If you have a severely damaged tooth or are missing one or more teeth, you can benefit from expert restorative dentistry at Hudson Valley Dental Arts. For more information on the dental crown or bridge and how they can benefit your smile, please contact our Poughkeepsie, NY dental office. Patients from Pleasant Valley and nearby areas are always welcome in our comfortable office!

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