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Digital X-ray Technology

dentist pointing to red x-rayRemember the days of the big old X-ray machine? It had the film that you bit down on to form that old film X-ray for your teeth, and then you had to wait for it to be developed. Well, with improvements in all other forms of dentistry, digital X-rays are here too. With a digital X-ray, the old style film is replaced with an electronic pad or sensor. The detailed images are electronically sent to a computer, where they’re displayed on a screen. This can then be enlarged to better identify any problems that might be shown; it can also be printed out and compared to previous X-rays. This can be done on the computer screen as well to see any changes in the tooth when compared to previous exams.

Digital X-rays use less radiation than traditional X-rays, and there’s no wait time for the "film" to be developed. The images are viewable on a screen in moments. If we need to send you to another dental specialist, we can transfer the images electronically to them for either a consultation or for them to have a copy for your treatment. If your insurance company needs to have copies to confirm your treatment plan, we can send them digital copies as well. Contact Hudson Valley Dental Arts today to learn more! Our Poughkeepsie, NY office is accessible to patients in Pleasant Valley and surrounding areas.

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