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Hudson Valley Intraoral Cameras Aid Patient Education

dentist using intraoral cameraThe first day we had an intraoral camera in the office, a patient had a fractured cusp on the forward cheek side of a first molar. It was quite evident in the mirror, but when we showed it to the patient with the intraoral camera, their response was "now I see it!"

We are proud to announce the most recent acquisition to our high-tech arsenal. As always, Dr. Larry Hamburg wanted to get the very best for his patients – that’s why we’ve upgraded our intraoral camera system. The high-quality images taken by this camera can be transferred to our PC or viewed on a television monitor. The intraoral digital camera integrates seamlessly with our dental software, which helps in manipulating images and arranging image files while updating patient charts and bio-data.

When we purchased the camera, the level of care our patients received increased tremendously. The microscopic problems on a patient's teeth and gums, which are not visible in normal conditions, can be seen through the 60x magnification capability of this camera. If we can see a micro-fracture early enough, we might be able to reduce the chance of a more expensive restoration (versus a simple filling).

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this technology is the ability to take several photographs and print them for you to take home. Many times, a patient wants to explain to their significant other how their visit went and what the dentist's findings were. We also enjoy taking a post-op photo for you to bring home so you can show off your beautiful restoration with a close-up! Contact our Poughkeepsie, NY practice today if you’d like to learn more, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment.

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