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Identifi Oral Cancer Screening in Hudson Valley, NY

illustration of oral cancer screeningOn average, one American adult dies every single hour from oral cancer. While this disease may not be as regularly discussed as cavities or periodontal problems in the dentist’s office, the statistics surrounding it are truly staggering – tens of thousands of patients are diagnosed every year, and only half of them will survive five more years past that point. This happens because patients are either receiving incorrect diagnoses or not being diagnosed at all until severe, lasting damage has occurred.

Surprisingly enough, oral cancer has an 80-90% chance of being successfully treated when it’s caught early on. That’s why Dr. Larry Hamburg and his staff here at Hudson Valley Dental Arts take this threat so seriously. With the help of our amazing Identifi technology, we can identify cancerous oral areas earlier than ever before and work with patients to ensure they receive the revitalizing, potentially lifesaving care they need. Contact our Poughkeepsie practice today to schedule an appointment!

Am I at risk for oral cancer?

Common risk factors associated with oral cancer include:

However, it’s important to remember that nearly 25% of patients who are diagnosed with oral cancer didn’t fall into the above categories. That’s why routine check-ups with Dr. Hamburg are so vital. In the interim, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any of the following symptoms as well, which can suggest the presence of cancerous cells:

Diagnosis with Identifi

Today, many doctors still screen for oral cancer with a simple visual examination. This isn’t efficient because many of the early signs and symptoms of the disease aren’t actually noticeable to the naked eye. Identifi allows Dr. Hamburg to instead use multi-spectral fluorescence technology to scan the mouth, throat, and tongue, clearly identifying even the smallest abnormalities by making them appear different from the surrounding healthy tissue. If we determine that suspicious areas are present, our team can help you take the next steps towards a biopsy, a solid diagnosis, and any necessary care. We want our patients from Pleasant Valley, NY and surrounding areas to feel confident about their oral health and be prepared for the future.

Why Choose Us?

At Hudson Valley Dental Arts, we care about much more than just your beautiful smile – helping you maintain your overall wellbeing and total body health is very important to our team as well. Dr. Hamburg has a personal connection with this cause, having survived Stage IV Oral Cancer, and he chooses to be an advocate for those in the same boat as the founder of the Oral Cancer Awareness Foundation. With our high levels of experience, our dedication to thorough routine screenings that go beyond the typical visual examination, and our state-of-the-art technology, patients can feel fully confident that there’s no one better to help them conquer the threat of oral cancer and get back to living their best life.

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