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Restorative Dentist in Poughkeepsie Provides Smile Repair

woman smiling beautifullyEven with routine preventive care and a solid dental hygiene regimen at home, you may experience tooth decay, injury, or other damage at some point. When you do, your dentist in Poughkeepsie, Dr. Larry Hamburg, can repair your smile with quality services in restorative dentistry. From the crown and bridge to root canal treatment, we save your smile to help you eat, speak, and smile brilliantly once again.

Crown and Bridge

A crown is a tooth-shaped covering that fits securely around a damaged tooth. Also called a cap, the dental crown is routinely used in the following cases:

To place a dental crown, Dr. Hamburg first reshapes the affected tooth to make room for the new restoration. Impressions and x-rays are taken and sent to a laboratory, where the crown is crafted and sent back to our office. After any final adjustments are made, the crown is placed in a follow-up appointment.

Dental crowns are also used in tooth replacement. Several crowns affixed to each other make up a dental bridge, which replaces one, two, or several consecutively missing teeth.

To place a traditional bridge, Dr. Hamburg uses the two teeth surrounding the gap as anchors for the bridge. A dental crown is placed on each, and the prosthetic teeth create a literal bridge over the space in between.

Dental implants can also retain a single dental crown or a removable bridge without affecting the healthy natural teeth. Discuss your eligibility for dental implants with Dr. Hamburg.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is necessary once decay reaches the interior of the tooth, or the part commonly referred to as the “nerve.” An infection this deep is likely to cause severe discomfort -- but root canal therapy heals your mouth and rescues the tooth from extraction.

Dr. Hamburg provides comfortable root canal treatments at Hudson Valley Dental Arts. While the procedure has the reputation of being painful, with anesthesia, sedation, and our expert hand, patients find there is nothing to dread about a root canal. In fact, it’s often the only way to get you out of pain and on with your life.

To perform a root canal, your Poughkeepsie dentist…

If your root canal treatment is carried out over two appointments, you will wear a temporary crown in the time between. Be careful when chewing with the temporary restoration, and avoid hard, sticky, or crunchy foods until your tooth has been fully restored.

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Dr. Hamburg performs quality restorative care at Hudson Valley Dental Arts. Let us repair your smile to help you enjoy better oral health once again! Contact us to schedule an appointment in Poughkeepsie today.

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